Studio providing full package of design service

Fish Family Group
Your comfort & coziness are in our safe hands
Supervision and construction
Interior Design
Construction materials and furnishing supply
Your space will be exactly as it should be
First of all, we are dealing with not only your facilities, but with you personally.
Our goal is to creat a comfortable, convenient and ergonomic space according to your needs, your character, your hobbies and your lifestyle.

We plan the whole process.

To understand the amount of costs, we will plan the whole process with you, including a design project, repair, purchase of furniture and decor. Thus, we will determine the budget for the entire repair.
your time
Our team fully leads and implements your object from a design project to its full implementation, optimizing all costs.
under control
Having a well-developed design project, it is much easier to control the entire course of work. There is always a personal manager in touch with you.

You can dowload one of our projects to understand how it looks like
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The cost of our services starts
from 4000 rubles. / sq.m.
About us
Studio providing full package of desing service
We are good at
  • Interior design
    Within 3 years we developed more than 50 interior design projects
  • Supervision and construction
    Our construction team has a 15+ years of experience in cooperation with designers
  • Construction materials and furnishing supply
    We have a number of distribution contracts from different manufacturers
  • Author's supervision
    We perform a full cycle of work from the idea to a complete implementation of it
Why choose us?
We provide an individual customer's approach dealing with not only your facilities but with your personally.
Our studio provides a full package of design and construction services: developing a design project, coordination with authorities, supervision and construction, Construction materials and furnishing supply.
Our interior design project has a triple inspection by a designer, chef designer and a construction supervisor. We combine creativity and tough project management.
All our interior design projects are adapted for a modern construction technologies & a customer's budget.
To create a modern, comfortable and a cozy space for all your needs & lifestyle is our essential desire & goal.